Getting Married On The Gold Coast

Published: 05th July 2010
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The Gold Coast's beautiful climate and the natural beauty of the beaches, parks and gardens provide wonderful locations for ceremonies, wedding photographs and receptions.

The Gold Coast region caters for all tastes and styles to ensure your day is exactly the way you want it. It is becoming increasingly popular as a wedding location primarily for the wide variety of services available. Choose your style from the prestige of the resorts and country clubs to the informality and natural beauty of the beaches and the hinterland.

Domestic and International airports at the Gold Coast and Brisbane provide excellent access to the whole Gold Coast region. Bus and train travel, linked through to the Brisbane Transit Center if necessary, is also easily organised and easy to follow.

Sometimes traveling to your wedding with a number of guests, you may be able to organize travel discounts through either the service provider or your local travel agent.

Climate and weather conditions are very important considerations when planning your wedding. The Gold Coast's average daily maximum temperature in summer is around 28 deg Celsius, with the minimum around 20 deg Celsius. Although nor predominately wet, there is the chance of afternoon thunderstorms. Winter temperatures are moderate, with the average daily maximum around 22 deg Celsius and the minimum around 10 deg Celsius. The days are predominately crisp and clear. Spring and autumn are usually warm and dry and consequently the most popular times for weddings. You need to book at least 6 to 12 months ahead if you are considering marrying during these times.

During winter, dusk can arrive very quickly and so an early wedding is a very good idea. Summer months are hot and humid so summer brides should consider air conditioning for the ceremony and reception and perhaps bottled water and a nice shady spot if is to be held outside.

If you are able to be married outside, ensure an alternative venue and an effective way of contacting guests at short notice has been arranged, particularly during summer months. It is important you and your guests enjoy the day. Consider the comfort of elderly people and young children when planning your day.

Finally, remember to consider the expected temperature and location of the wedding and choose appropriate styles and fabrics for the bridal party. This will ensure everyone looking their best for your photographer.

Article by a JD - Wedding Photographer Gold Coast

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