Niseko Onsens You Must Visit

Published: 14th May 2010
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Niseko is famous for deep powder snow, but after skiing and snowboarding all day your body can feel rubber. Your muscles are simply worn out and need to be recharged ready for another day in the powder. One solution to recharge your body is to relax in an onsen.

Most first time visitors to Japan can find the thought of taking an onsen are little intimidating and therefore not worry about it, however taking an onsen is a fantastic experience. When you overcome the fear of taking a bath naked, possibly in a pool with others of the same sex you will find that an onsen is an experience you should not have avoided before. In fact many find that they make taking an onsen a tradition after a day on the hill and a highlight of the holiday as it keeps you feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, relaxed, clean and ready to tackle the world.

There are many onsens to pick from in Niseko Japan,so we have listed below the two must visit onsens, hope you enjoy them:

Popolo - Popolo Onsen is located at the top of the village at the Scot Hotel. The location provides you some of the best vistas in the town as you look out towards Mt. Yotei. During the summer months this view is truely spectacular as the countryside has been transformed from a white sheet of snow to a magical green landscape. Popolo is popular with those looking for a convenient option straight from the ski hill as it is across the road from the Center four quad lift. An onsen at Yukoro will cost you approximately 800 yen for an adult (13 years +) and approximately 300 yen for children (12 and under). If you have a child at pre-school they can bath for free.

Yukoro - Yukoro Onsen is a very popular onsen in Niseko with locals and visitors. During the summer months it is even busier as the sporting teams that come to Niseko to train often will use this onsen. Yukoro is a great choice if this is your first onsen experience, it has gender specific areas, outdoor and indoor pools and the staff are custom to helping international visitors understand the etiquette of an onsen. During winter you really must experience sitting in the outside bath, especially if it is snowing. The onsen pool surrounds will be snow covered as you recharge while snow is building up on your head, a feeling that is relaxing in itself. For adults an onsen at Yukoro will be approximately 600 yen and 300 yen for children (4 years to 12).

For more information on onsen locations and other activities while in Niseko, please visit Niseko Ground Service - a Japanese owned and operated travel service provider located in Niseko all year.

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